Permit Mailings

Elon University has a bulk mail permit with the Elon Post Office. With this permit, the university can mail periodicals, nonprofit, bulk and business reply/postage due. These charges will appear on your monthly report.

Instructions for Preparing a Bulk Mailing:

  1. Qualifications
    1. Minimum of 200 pieces, identical in size, contents and shape.
    2. Weight: up to 15.5 ounces per piece.
    3. Return address
      1. Upper left-hand corner
      2. Must be that of the permit holder (Elon #1).
      3. Must have the department name or number.
  2. Sequence in ascending numerical order of Zip Codes
  3. Indicia
    1. Must be printed in the upper right-hand corner
    2. Must have classification of mail and postage paid.

Mail Services has a full line of addressing and inserting equipment. We can print directly on the mail piece as well as insert up to 4 sheets or inserts.