How you'll be notified

In the event of a campus emergency or severe weather announcement, the following systems will be your sources of information:

E-net Web site ( - the most reliable and comprehensive source of Elon news and information

E-mail - emergency alerts will be sent via e-mail to all users who hold Elon e-mail accounts

Telephone hot lines 278-SNOW & 278-RAIN- Recorded messages on these lines will detail changes in the Elon operating schedule due to inclement weather

Warning sirens - A system of sirens covers the entire Elon campus, with siren blasts followed by pre-recorded voice messages warning of tornadoes, hazardous materials, terrorist or gunman, evacuation or other urgent general messages. Click here to read the siren warning messages.

E-Alert Text messaging - Members of the campus community can sign up to receive emergency text messages on their cell phones, PDAs, RSS feeds, e-mail and Google/Yahoo personal pages. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR E-ALERT.

Campus-wide voice mail/IP phone speakers - Phones on the campus can receive a mass voice mail message, and the speakers on IP telephones can be used to broadcast alerts

ESTV and WSOE Radio - The campus television system and WSOE radio will carry emergency information, especially in the event of schedule changes due to severe weather