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Inclusive Community

Inclusive Community @ Elon

The number one theme of our current Elon University strategic plan is an unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement. Elon University strives to create a campus climate which understands the value of difference, honors the dignity and humanity of each community member, engages our differences respectfully, and uses evidence and theory as the foundation for our work.  To that end, Elon’s Office of Inclusive Community Well-Being coordinates efforts to promote these values.  The Office of Inclusive Community Well-Being oversees the diversity education efforts for faculty and staff and monitors the campus wide bias and harassment response system. Within the Office of Inclusive Community Well-Being, multiple teams are at work to address diversity education and bias response.  Elon’s Inclusive Community Process Advocate Team and Inclusive Community Education Team are two such groups. The Process Advocate Team is structured to support a person-centered approach to incidents of bias or harassment at Elon University. The Process Advocate Team is comprised of faculty and staff from across campus who are trained to serve as advocates with students, staff or faculty who have experienced bias or hate incidents.  You can find a process advocate here. The Education Team works together to facilitate and create on-going conversations about diversity for a wide range of audiences across campus.  The Education Team is also ready to convene when an incident of bias impacts our campus broadly, to determine best educational responses to the energy of the community.   One central educational effort is A Campus of Difference Program.  For more information of to request A Campus of Difference Training, please visit the Campus of Difference page. Elon University’s Inclusive Community Teams are coordinated by the Director for Inclusive Community, Leigh-Anne Royster who oversees the response process and ongoing activities to best create an inclusive campus climate; takes first responsibility for organizing a response to discrimination and harassment incidents on Elon’s campus; and compiles a yearly report cataloging such incidents in the campus community.

Valuing All Identities 

Elon University believes that we can create a more inclusive and respectful community through awareness, education and respectful dialogue about difference with the goal of valuing and celebrating what diversity brings our campus community. The Inclusive Community Council is another team functioning in the Inclusive Community efforts at Elon.  The Council is comprised of faculty and staff from across campus who convene monthly do discussion current campus climate issues or concerns.  The Council monitors campus climate and works closely with the Education Team to create learning opportunities around our differences and similarities. 

Bias, Discrimination, Harassment and Hate

Elon University believes that one way we create a more respectful environment is addressing those acts toward members of our community or by members of our community that demonstrate identity-based bias and hate toward an individual or group. Our goals are 1) to support and respond to those who have experienced identity-based hate, 2) respond directly to offenders if identified and 3) track the overall incidents in our community each year. By tracking the type and number of bias incidents in addition to hate crimes, we are able to tailor educational efforts for our campus community. To the left you will find more information on efforts to respond to and prevent bias, discrimination and harassment and hate.

Reporting and Confidentiality

Many people who have a concern about discrimination or harassment want assurances about confidentiality. Therefore there are various ways to receive support with various levels of confidentiality. Below we have described the three levels of confidentiality and given the ways to report and contact information for each type of report. If you report anonymously, no one will be able to follow up with you but the information will go into our aggregate reports and if there is physical evidence, action may be possible. If you connect with a confidential resource a confidential report may be possible and you can receive support and resources. The last option is making an official report in which all of your identifying information will be kept as private as possible by the university.  


As stated in our policy, the University will take vigorous action against anyone who retaliates against you or others as a result of a reported incident.