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Reporting Form for Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes

This reporting form is for NON-EMERGENCY incidents of bias and harassment that have impacted members of the Elon community.  If you are in an emergency situation in which you need medial attention, counseling or IMMEDIATE resources, please contact the SAFEline at 336-278-3333.  You will be connected with a confidential resource immediately.  In the case of sexual violence or intimate partner violence one of Elon University’s Violence Responders will be contacted.

Elon University takes incidents of bias, harassment, discrimination and hate very seriously.  We do not tolerate such acts in our community.  If you have experienced or witnessed such aggressions, it takes courage to speak out.  Thank you, in advance, for providing as much information as possible through this on-line form.  All efforts will be made to protect your privacy as allowed by federal law.   Information provided through this form helps us better understand campus climate.

Some common frustrations with on-line reporting are:

- Perceived inadequate follow up.  You can help with this by providing as much information as possible.

- Inability to know the full outcome of the response.  There are times that information about incident response cannot be known by those who report.  This is often due to personnel and student record privacy policies.  One way to better understand the processes involved in response to incidents is to be connected with a Process Advocate.  Please indicate below if you would like to be contacted by a Process Advocate to better explain the comprehensive follow-up options.

- The response does not feel adequate.  We will do everything we can to honor your preferences regarding follow-up.  Incidents of bias and hate are deeply impactful and there may not be a response that “makes it better”.  However, we will do all we can to ensure that you feel heard and that we approach each response option available to you.

Please Note: If you are having difficulty logging in, please use your full Elon email address (username@elon.edu) as your username.