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Inclusive Community

Inclusive Community Goals:

Theme 1 of our current Elon University strategic plan commits us to an unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement.

Elon University strives to create a campus climate which:
• Understands the value of difference
• Honors the dignity and humanity of each member of the community
• Engages our differences respectfully
• Uses evidence and theory as the foundation for our work

To the left you will find information on our efforts to respond to and prevent bias, discrimination and harassment and create learning opportunities around our differences and similarities.

Inclusive Community 2012-2013 Priorities and Update:

  • Collaborate to work on a definition of diversity and/or aspirational statement and develop a program to ensure the campus community has a basic understanding of our work around diversity and global engagement and how it relates to Elon’s core academic mission. (Statement proposed and next year an ICC committee will engage the community in conversation around the statement)
  • Develop a communications plan for new Bias and Discrimination policies in fall and a communications infrastructure to support the diversity strategic plan in spring. (A communications plan was created and will be implemented in the fall)
  • Ensure that all people involved in the bias and discrimination process are fully trained, review our policies and protocols and ensure that the community understands them. (Trainings are being schedule for summer and have taken place throughout the year)
  • Explore diversity and learning. Consider plan in spring for a task force to examine initiation of diversity content in Elon’s curriculum. Support as needed the winter term diversity theme. Partner as appropriate with Academic Diversity Fellow. (Winter term 2014 planning is already underway. A diversity in the curriculum searchable site spearheaded by Crystal Anderson will be up in the fall. We hired two consultants to work on gender and sexuality in the curriculum.  The third year of diversity infusion grants were funded).
  • Follow up on ADL second level type training with education team. Work with existing expertise such as DEEP, Chaplain, International week, heritage and history months and the office of disability services. (Twenty-four faculty, staff and students will be certified this summer to deliver the Campus of Difference Program and all its licensed material. We will start offering those workshops in August 2013. The new Inclusive Community Team will work this summer and early fall to provide synergy and consistency across peer led student training)
  • Assess campus climate reports and present findings to the council i.e. student and faculty and staff survey, Title IX report, report from bias and discrimination coordinator, Cleary Act report etc. (The campus climate results are part of a presentation being delivered across campus. The council will examine other reports as they are submitted each year).
  • Create a shared planning calendar across diversity events on campus and include diversity and global engagement as a department for E-net postings related to diversity events and news on campus. (This goal was not accomplished. Instead, the Director of Inclusive Community Well-Being will do this over the summer)