Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

These programs offered throughout the year use a group approach to learning more about ourselves and each other. 

The Office of Leadership & Professional Development is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups are employee-driven topic groups that focus on shared interests and experiences. ERGs cover a wide range of topics from single parents to international employees, whatever is on the hearts and minds of employees. The ERGs typically provide support, networking, and personal and professional enrichment opportunities for their members. 

The Office of Leadership & Professional Development will coordinate the first meeting of each group by scheduling meeting space, sending a facstaff announcing the meeting, and providing a buffet lunch. During that first meeting, attendees typically determine group goals, meeting dates/times, and future internal facilitators of the group. Following the first group, the Office of Leadership & Professional Development will continue to both schedule the rooms and send the facstaff announcements. The management of the group however, will be the responsibility of the ERG members. Five hundred dollars per year will be awarded to each ERG to buy supplies and meeting materials. The expectation is that an Elon ERG will meet for a minimum of six months, for one hour, one time per month.

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Programs:

Caregiver's ERG

Open to all staff and faculty who are current caregivers, past caregivers, future caregivers, or interested in caregiving. To learn more please contact DonnaLynn Hall at Dhall13@elon.edu.

Cultivating Emerging Professionals ERG

Danielle Golinski, Sara Cone and Kristen Aquilino invite "emerging professionals who are looking for opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills to attend this new Employee Resource Group (ERG). Through casual conversations with Elon employees last year, a common theme arose: personal and professional development. As a result, and with the support and guidance of the Office of Leadership and Professional Development, a new employee resource (ERG) has been formed called Cultivating Emerging Professionals. An emerging professional could be: (1) brand new to Elon, (2) a young professional (35 years and below), or (3) employed 5 years or less at Elon.  

The mission of this group is to: help emerging professionals formulate personal and professional goals, create strategies to keep emerging professionals invested and driven within the community, provide tools and resources for self-advocacy within the workplace among supervisors and colleagues, and strengthening weaknesses/cultivating potential, build confidence and professional esteem throughout the development of the emerging professional.

Please contact Danielle Golinski (dgolinski@elon.edu), Sara Cone (scone@elon.edu), or Kristen Aquilino (kaquilino@elon.edu) if you have questions.

Latinx/Hispanic ERG

To provide support and information to Hispanic/Latino employees at Elon about internal and external resources and opportunities. These may include Hispanic associations/professional groups that faculty and staff can belong to, interesting evens on campus, grants, other funding opportunities, etc. To learn more please contact Vanessa Bravo at vbravo@elon.edu or Keren Rivas at krivas@elon.edu.

LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group (ERG)

The LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group builds community across faculty and staff who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, and asexual. Our monthly gatherings alternate between happy hour socials that build community and lunchtime meetings around LGBTQIA topics of interest that impact the personal and professional lives of Elon’s LGBTQIA faculty and staff. We have a consensus-style leadership team, so for more info, please contact any our leadership team:  Jack Smith (jsmith40@elon.edu), Laurin Kier (lkier@elon.edu), Dana Carnes (dcarnes@elon.edu), and Matthew Antonio Bosch (mbosch3@elon.edu / 336-278-6228.)

Mindfulness ERG

The new science of performance. The power of mindfulness is to improve self-regulation, to enhance social relationships in the workplace, make employees more resilient in the face of challenges, and increase task performance. Overall to improve your wellbeing. To learn more please contact Jennifer Brigman at jbrigman@elon.edu or Jennifer Smith at jsmith41@elon.edu.

Supervisors of Student Employees, ERG

The Student Employee Supervisor ERG collaborates to inform, resource, and create best practices in the area of supervision for student employees. This group is open to Elon staff and faculty who supervise, or desire to supervise, student employees. Our monthly meetings will engage topics to include recruiting, training, development, mentoring, design thinking, corrective action and performance evaluations. An overview of a topic is introduced at the beginning of each session and then the participants enter into open dialogue at tables. Table conversations are led by facilitators at each table who will be resourced with questions and practices to be considered prior to the meeting. 

The Women's Forum at Elon

A new Employee Resource Group (ERG) has been created to serve as a resource for faculty and staff women. This group will address issues of importance including professional development, mentoring, and empowerment.

Initial goals for the group are:

1. To foster a supportive environment for women at Elon University,
2. To promote discussions and awareness around topics related to women's lives and, 
3. To identify and support pathways for career advancement and professional development opportunities for women.

Paula Patch, and Chandler Thompson, will co-chair the group and work together during the 2017-2018 academic year to schedule events and meetings of the group. To learn more please contact them at ppatch@elon.edu and cthompson39@elon.edu.