Thank you for visiting this web page link where the Inaugural First-Generation Awards will be showcased. Please visit the link below on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 7:30pm EST to see this event.

Event Description:

Welcome to Elon University’s First-Generation College Community Awards Gala! Hosted by First-Generation Student Support Services, Elon’s first-generation initiative, housed in the Center for Access and Success, this awards ceremony recognizes members of the first-generation college community for their achievements and contributions. During this event, we will also hear who the recipient of this year’s Robert and Ann Hamby First-Generation Student Experience Fund award will be. Finally, we will conclude with a special announcement by Ms. Helen Flynn Walton, Instructor Emerita of Mathematics, so please stay tuned! We hope you enjoy!

This event is part of a 4-day series of events recognizing and celebrating the first-generation college identity in honor of National First-Generation College Celebration Day (November 8th).