MSA 2020-2021 Class Schedule

Summer Session II 2020

  • ACC 602: Business Ethics for Accounting Professionals (required)

Fall Semester 2020

  • ACC 640: Tax Research (required)
  • ACC 642: Taxation of Business Entities (required)
  • ACC 652: Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services (required)
  • ACC 645: Issues in Tax Policy and Special Topics (elective)
  • ACC 655: Internal Auditing (elective)

Winter Term 2021

  • ACC 632: International Accounting (required)
    • Includes one-week of travel to London

Spring Semester 2021

  • ACC 630: Advanced Financial Accounting (required)
  • ACC 650: Accounting Analytics (required)
  • ACC 641: Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders (elective)
  • ACC 643: Taxation of Flow-through Entities (elective)
  • ACC 651: Principles of Fraud Investigation (elective)
  • ACC 653: Information Technology and Risk Control (elective)

One of the three electives can be an MBA/MScM course, but must be approved by the MSA Program Coordinator.

10-month Fast Track Option

During Summer Session II students will complete ACC 602 and ACC 632 will be completed in Winter term. During Fall and Spring semesters students will choose 4 courses per semester.

7-month Accelerated Option (available to current Elon undergraduate accounting majors)

Students that choose the accelerated 7-month option will complete 5 graduate level course their senior year (during fall, winter, and spring semester). Following undergraduate graduation, they will take ACC 602 in Summer Session II and their remaining 4 courses in the fall and complete the program in December.  If students are not able to take five courses during their senior year, those remaining courses will be taken during spring of their graduate year. Each course taken during the senior year reduces the number of courses required in the winter and spring of the graduate year. This would result in a lighter course load and facilitate studying for the CPA exam.