Elon MSA alumni work in audit, risk and financial analysis, assurance, cyber, privacy and forensics, tax, and corporate counsel. They are working in places such as Deloitte, EPIcenter Memphis, JF Petroleum Group, KPMG US, PBMares, LLP, PRA Health Sciences, PwC, Syneos Health, and Winston, Williams, Creech, Evans & Company. They are also part of a network of professionals who will offer support, advice and guidance throughout your career.

Jonathan Connolly ‘20 G’21

Position: External Audit Associate

Company: PwC

The MSA program opened Jonathan’s eyes to the increasingly complex world of accounting. It helped him improve his technological skills to better automate tasks, and he gained a deeper understanding of the growing regulatory environment surrounding tax law, auditing and financial statement preparation. The program prepared Jonathan to successfully pass all four sections of the CPA exam.

I was able to build strong relationships with the MSA faculty and received valuable insights into their personal experiences as accounting professionals that I can apply to help achieve my own career goals.

Emma C. Holderread ’18, G’19, CPA

Position: Tax Associate

Company: PwC

Emma loved the idea of continuing her academic career with Elon and completed the Elon MSA following her undergraduate experience. She says the graduate program’s coursework complemented that of the undergraduate’s, which was “perfect” for helping her prepare for the CPA exam.

Elon’s MSA program curriculum concentrated on the main concepts found on the CPA exam, which made the study process easier and resulted in my successful acquisition of the certification.