Elon’s emphasis on active and collaborative learning in the classroom encourages responsibility for all students to attend class regularly. Recognizing this principle, departments and individual faculty members maintain professional discretion for determining their specific attendance policy. Consult first with your department chair concerning any established departmental guidelines. Whatever policy you finally implement, it is imperative that it be clearly communicated to your students. Print it clearly on your syllabus and review it in class on the first day the course meets.

Canceling class

Elon’s emphasis on active learning places a high value on class meeting time, and you are expected to meet every scheduled class and to be present for office hours. If health or other emergencies should arise, you must notify your department chair or program assistant of your absence. They will arrange to post this information in your classroom. Normally, these absences are made up by arrangement with your students. If you will not be in class due to an anticipated absence, inform your department chair as early in the semester as possible. He or she will help arrange for a colleague to cover your class or help you plan an appropriate experience for your class during your absence. Failure to meet scheduled classes is considered to be a serious abrogation of your contract.

Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL)

CATL supports faculty in being engaging, effective and scholarly teachers. CATL offers workshops, grants, individual consultations, and much more. Visit the Elon Teaching website for more information.

Class rosters

Class rosters are located in OnTrackLearn more about OnTrack


Classroom locations are located in OnTrack. If you have questions about your classroom assignment, you can request a different classroom using the Room Change Request Form (Learn more about OnTrack).

*Due to limited computer labs, faculty who plan to use the lab continually during a semester should talk with the department chair.

Desk copies of class books

See your department chair or program assistant for information.

Honor Code

Elon University recognizes and affirms the importance of character development and personal responsibility as essential elements of an Elon education. Students are expected to uphold four values (Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect) for themselves and others in their decisions and day-to-day interactions. Conduct affirming these four values should be followed in all settings, including in and out of the classroom, on- and off-campus, and in all domestic and international sites during study abroad or course-related study experiences. Learn more about Elon’s Honor Code.

Faculty who believe a student has violated the Honor Code should follow the process outlined in the faculty handbook. If you have questions about the Honor Code, contact Paul Miller, Assistant Provost.

Mid-term and final grades

See the academic calendar in OnTrack for the deadlines associated with posting grades.

The mid-semester assessment is to provide early, accurate, and significant feedback regarding a student’s progress in the course, making it helpful to both students and their advisors. At the mid-semester assessment (typically due by 3 pm the day before fall or spring break), students must be assigned either:

  • S – Making satisfactory progress in this course
  • AR – At risk for nonsuccess in this course
  • Fall semester final grades are typically due 2 days after the end of finals at 10am.
  • Spring semester final grades are typically due 3 days after the end of finals at 10am, except for senior grades which are due earlier.

Learn more about posting grades in OnTrack. See the faculty handbook for additional information on the grading system, grade appeals, and quality points.


Moodle is Elon’s learning management system. You have access to Moodle when your Elon email username is created. Course shells are automatically created, and students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate courses based upon their registration. Learn more about Moodle, including training and support, ideas for using it, and documentation. VisitMoodle.

Office hours and location

The Faculty Handbook states that “Each full-time teaching faculty member is expected to make themselves reasonably available to students for appointments outside of class time. Faculty members should identify office hours and/or contact information for making appointments on their course management software and syllabi as well as on OnTrack.”

Learn more about managing your office hours online.


The university’s policies are spelled out in the Faculty Handbook. Review the handbook for additional information, including policies and procedures related to the Honor Code, grades and grade appeals, office hours, final exams, attendance, and more.

Printing, copying, and scanning

Printers, printing stations, copiers, and scanners are located throughout Elon in offices, computer labs, and several publicly accessible places.

  • For small printing or copying jobs and scanning, you can use the departmental Canon printers,computer labs and public printers once your Phoenix card has been linked to an account number. See your department chair or program assistant for information.
  • Jobs larger than 10 sheets can be sent to the Print Shop, which offers online ordering and does pick-ups and deliveries twice a day to departmental offices (mornings and afternoons). They request a three-day turn around. See your department chair or program assistant for information.
  • Reimbursement for off-campus copying: See your department chair or program assistant for information.

Space reservation

To reserve a space (other than your assigned classroom), including a meeting/conference room, classroom, or computer lab, use our online reservation system, 25Live.


See your department chair or program assistant for information on purchasing course-related supplies.


See your department chair or program assistant for information on submitting your syllabus to the Dean’s office.

Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT)

Teaching and Learning Technologies consults with faculty about technology integration into academics, supports the use of Elon’s learning management system, facilitates seminars and events to help others identify technology tools and enhance their technology skills, provides support for the successful use of technology, and much more. Visit TLT’s website for more information.

Teaching Assistants/Student Workers

See your department chair or program assistant for information on TAs and student workers.


Faculty are encouraged to order textbooks early to ensure timely delivery and to enable the procurement of lower cost, used textbooks. Work with Elon’s campus bookstore to order your books.