Welcome new faculty!

This website is designed to help you prepare to begin your new position with Elon University. With the assistance of faculty who recently were in your shoes and of experienced department chairs, we have created this site to answer many of the questions you might have. In addition, take a look at the Welcome Packet for New Faculty and the New Part-Time Faculty Welcome Packet.

This site includes information about class schedules, academic policies, and other resources that you might find helpful – including instructions on things like how to set up your Elon email address and how to get a campus parking pass, and details about our student body and our community and region.

If you have questions that the site does not answer, please feel free to contact your department chair, dean, or any of us at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL), where we coordinate Elon’s orientations for new full-time and adjunct/part-time faculty and, more generally, promote engaging, inclusive and scholarly teaching.

In the short video below, experienced Elon faculty discuss how they define and create engaged learning experiences inside (and outside) their classrooms. You’ll hear dedicated Teacher-Scholar-Mentors explain ways they get students to apply, integrate, and assess their learning in a variety of disciplines and contexts, and offer suggestions for those new to teaching at Elon.

“You have lots of opportunity to adjust and improve. Communicate openly with colleagues for advice, be transparent for the students, go to events that interest you.”

– Advice for your first year