Academic calendar

See a list of important dates for faculty, the official university academic calendar and exam schedule in OnTrack, and the university holiday schedule on HR’s website.

Note: Labor Day is a regular class day.

Academic regalia

At least three times each year (Opening Convocation, Fall Convocation, and Commencement) Elon faculty don academic robes, hoods, and caps to participate in university events.

If you do not already own regalia, you may rent or purchase it through Barnes & Noble at Elon University Bookstore.


To rent regalia for New Student Convocation, fill out the online form by August 9. Elon will pay for the rental of regalia for you one time; for future events, you will need to rent or wear your own. You will be notified when your regalia arrive, and you may return rented regalia on Saturday morning, following the convocation.


To purchase regalia, visit the Bookstore. Note that regalia can take 4-6 weeks to arrive; you may want to rent for New Student Convocation.

If you have questions about academic regalia, contact the Manager at the Bookstore at 336-278-5400.

Athletic events

Admission is free to employee and dependents with Elon ID for most events. Learn more about Athletic events.

Business cards

With a departmental account number, you can order business cards online prior to your arrival. See your department chair or program assistant.

Campus eateries

Elon features an abundance of dining options. Learn more.

Campus mail

See your department chair or program assistant for your campus mail box location and campus mailing address.

The University Mail Center is located in Moseley and is a USPS Unit with many postal services. Learn more about the University Mail Center.

Campus map

A campus map is available online to help you navigate around Elon University.

Common reading

The Elon Common Reading Program (ECRP) challenges students, faculty, and staff to examine themselves and the local and global worlds they inhabit through reading. Learn more.

The Bookstore will have the Common Reading available during the Spring Semester; complementary copies are available to instructors teaching ELN 101, COR 110, or ENG 110 classes (Contact the Core Curriculum program assistant for details).

Counseling Services

Elon maintains a professionally staffed Counseling Center in the Ellington Health Center whose personnel both work directly with students for short-term counseling and make referrals as appropriate to area mental health services. Unexpected changes in a student’s attendance and performance can be a sign of some personal or familial problem. At times you might wish to encourage a student to contact the center. You are also welcome to call the center to consult with the staff about concerns you might have about a student.

Cultural events

The university presents a broad offering of cultural and academic programs every semester. Some programs are open to the public, while others require a Phoenix Card or ticket. Learn more.


Find campus phone numbers through the online directory.


Elon provides email service via Microsoft 365. Learn more about email. If you have a problem with your username, password, or logging in, call the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.

Fitness Center

The fitness center is free to faculty, staff, and students. Learn more.

History of Elon

Read more about Elon’s History.

Books on Elon’s History:

  • Professor Emeritus of History, George Troxler’s From a Grove of Oaks: The Story of Elon University (March 2014)
  • George Keller’s book Transforming a College: The Story of a Little-Known College’s Strategic Climb to National Distinction (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004)
  • Durward Stokes’ book Elon College: Its History and Traditions (Elon College Alumni Association, 1982)

Human Resources

Human Resources handles all start of work forms like your W-4s for taxes, direct deposit form, and employee information. You must complete your paperwork with HR before you receive your email account, Phoenix Card, a parking permit, etc. Visit the New Hires page on the HR website to learn about the paperwork, identification needed, and actions to be taken prior to your first day of employment.

On the HR Benefits page, you’ll find more information about medical benefits, leave policies, benefits for partners, spouses and dependents, as well as other perks and discounts.

The Office of Human Resources is located at 314 West Haggard Avenue, and can be reached at (336) 278-5560.


See your department chair or program assistant for your office keys and building access.


Belk Library offers a wide variety of resources and services for faculty, including:

Much more information is available on the Faculty and Staff resources at Belk Library guide.

Mission statement

Read Elon University’s mission statement.

Office furniture

See your department chair or program assistant for office furniture needs.

Office supplies

See your department chair or program assistant for access to and purchasing of office supplies.


Faculty must obtain a car parking permit. This free permit allows parking in designated Faculty/Staff parking lots, all other on-campus parking lots, and the Elon Community Church parking lot. Learn more.

Phoenix Card

The Phoenix Card (named after Elon’s mascot, the Phoenix) serves as the universal Elon University ID. The Phoenix Card is required for after-hours access and to gain access to recreation facilities and sports or cultural events. After you have completed the necessary paperwork at Human Resources, you may obtain your Phoenix Card at the Phoenix Card Office, McCoy Commons 201 (Oaks).

Phone and voicemail

Elon offices are equipped with Cisco IP Phones. Consult the Faculty/Staff Technology Guide to learn more about using your phone, setting up and using voicemail, and making on-campus and off-campus phone calls.

See your department chair or program assistant for information on your phone extension and policies and procedures for making long-distance phone calls.

Planning Week

This is a week geared toward helping faculty prepare to begin the academic year. It’s a busy week, full of numerous activities, such as new faculty orientation, committee and department meetings, and much more. The full schedule is posted in late July on the Planning Week website.


Follow this site for instructions for printing on campus.

Safety and Police

Campus Safety and Police provides a safe and secure community. Learn more. They have partnered with LiveSafe to offer a free service for students, faculty, and staff to share security concerns with Campus Safety & Police via text, photo, and video.

We encourage all faculty, staff, and students to sign up for E-Alert, Elon’s emergency alert system that sends text messages to your cell phone. Once you sign up for the service, Elon can text your cell phone with timely information about emergencies, class cancellations, and important weather information. Learn more about LiveSafe and E-Alert.

Technology Information and Support

Visit the Faculty/Staff Technology Guide to get oriented to Elon’s technology, including information on accounts, email, file storage, instructional technologies, video conferencing and other helpful technological solutions.

The Technology Service Desk provides technical support to faculty, staff, and students, including hardware and software for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Questions about Moodle or other instructional technology tools? Sign up for an online consultation with TLT.


See your department chair for information on travel policies, including travel related to conferences, research, class field trips, etc.

University ID

Employees are assigned a University ID once hired. You can find your University ID on your pay voucher. Learn more about accessing your pay voucher.

Wellness Center

The Faculty/Staff Wellness Center offers wellness programming for Elon University employees, including free Physician Assistant appointments, free laboratory tests, screenings, exercise classes, personal training, lunch-and-learns, groups for weight management and smoking cessation, and more. Learn more.