Room change request (for faculty only)

  • The Office of the Registrar will do its best to accommodate all room requests, but please be advised that academic space is limited.
  • Faculty may submit requests the following dates:
    – Fall: August 1 – end of Drop-Add
    – Winter: December 1 – end of Drop-Add
    – Spring: January 1 – end of Drop-Add
  • Certain room requests will receive higher priority, based on the following factors:
    – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance (faculty with a disability)
    – Enrollment capacity (enrollment is greater than seating capacity)
    – Equipment, technology needs
    – Faculty preference
  • Requests classified as “Equipment, technology needed” and “Faculty preference” will be evaluated based on the availability of classrooms at your specified meeting time. Note: Department chairs will be notified of any “Enrollment capacity”, “Equipment needed” and “Faculty preference” forms submitted by their department’s faculty.
  • This is a permanent change to your current room assignment. For one-time event scheduling, please follow 25Live.