Whether you’re looking to build on an undergraduate degree, polish your existing skills or remodel your professional expertise, the Elon Interactive Media program provides the knowledge you’ll need to meet job market demands. Recent graduates have found success working in news, advertising, production and market research.

Meet Lou. He’s the lead interactive strategist at Sales Factory Marketing Firm. His iMedia experience was all about putting his new talents to use while abroad and then translating that experience into a fulfilling full-time position.

Meet Nicole. She’s a strategist at Ignite Social Media. Her iMedia experience was all about creating a niche in an emerging industry and landing a job she didn’t know existed before enrolling at Elon.

Meet Drew. He’s a community manager at Ignite Social Media. His iMedia experience was all about building on his existing skills to land his dream job.

Meet Kate. She’s a project coordinator with Archer Group Advertising Agency. Her iMedia experience was all about defining her professional goals and finding the tools to achieve them.