The Afro-Atenas Project

The Afro-Atenas Project | Website

The Afro-Atenas project team worked throughout the city and Province of Matanzas to meet with prominent figures in the Afro-Cuban religion and culture. Their interactive site takes you through the history of the Afro-Cuban religion through dance, art, and tradition.

Arte de la Finca

Arte de la Finca | Website

One of our two groups that traveled to Cuba created an interactive storytelling site for a farm in Cuba called La Finca Coincidencia. On this farm, ceramic art and sustainable farming practices coexist. The project includes photos and videos that capture the life and mission of H├ęctor Correa and his family as they live and work on their farm.

Longo Mai, Costa Rica

Longo Mai | Website

Our Costa Rica team worked with the Longo-Mai community situated three hours outside of San Jose. The community started as refugees escaping war-torn parts of Central America, but is now a cooperative that is heavily involved in environmentalism, research, and eco-tourism. This group of Elon students travelled to the community to collect content and rebrand their organization with a modern website that promotes tourism to the area and the organization as a whole.

Bermuda Heart Foundation

Bermuda Heart Foundation | Website

Team Bermuda worked with the Bermuda Heart Foundation to rebrand, redesign and further their mission of promoting heart-healthy lifestyles.