Behind the Scenes

More than 20 faculty members in Elon’s School of Communications helped to select six undergraduate research papers for the spring 2022 issue. The papers, written in senior-level courses, are nominated for consideration by faculty mentors, then undergo a double-blind peer review process by the Editorial Board.

Professors who served on the Editorial Board for this issue were Bill Anderson, Israel Balderas, David Bockino, Lee Bush, Naeemah Clark, Vic Costello, Brooks Fuller, Kelly Furnas, Shaina Dabbs, Dan Haygood, Denise Hill, Alex Luchsinger, Jenny Jiang, Laura Lacy, Byung Lee, Karen Lindsey, Derek Lackaff, Julie Lellis, Barbara Miller, Phillip Motley, Tom Nelson, Jane O’Boyle, Glenn Scott, Kathleen Stansberry, and Qian Xu.

Thanks also go to Tommy Kopetskie, who proofread articles, designed the online publication, and updated the publication’s website.