Welcome New Elon Students!

Your admission to Elon University marks a significant life transition and your commitment to become part of a vibrant academic community. This university community – the faculty, staff and your fellow classmates – has prepared an environment defined by curiosity, engagement and reflection, and filled by ideas, theories and questions. Your decision to attend Elon indicates you’re ready to join this academic, intellectual community.

You’re Elon Bound!

  • You are bound to become part of a community where you will be introduced to and challenged by the ideas, arguments and perspectives that define cultures around the globe and that reflect ingenuity across time.
  • You are bound to discover and debate the intersections of politics and culture in our diverse country and around the globe.
  • You are bound to share your ideas and openly explore how they are connected to and challenged by ideas that came before you.
  • You are bound to passionately and respectfully engage with members of the university community and understand that all human beings deserve to be treated with courtesy and dignity.
  • You are bound to be an Elon university citizen, helping to sustain and further develop the first-class learning environment that we all value.

We’re excited that you are Elon Bound, and we look forward to you joining us for a journey in learning that will stage your future; a future where the world is smarter, stronger and kinder because you are in it.

Your First Six Weeks at Elon

New Student Orientation marked a significant life transition, as you officially became part of our vibrant academic community. While you will certainly navigate many transitions throughout your first semester on campus, your first six weeks at Elon present a unique opportunity to set yourself up for success.

The connections that you form throughout your first six weeks, in addition to the choices that you make, will set the foundation for your next four years on campus. We hope that you will make the most of this important period of time by participating in the various events and activities planned to welcome you to campus, help you meet other students, and get involved.

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