Student Leadership

NSP prides itself in teamwork, which includes the professional development of students. Our office structure and programs provide opportunities for students to develop interpersonal skills ranging from customer service to diversity training to event administration and facilitation while working with a staff of professionals who enjoy mentoring students daily. For more information on how you can become a member of the NSP team, contact our office at ext. 7000 or email

Office Assistants

An average of six Elon students are employed as Office Assistants for NSP each semester. They serve as the main receptionists of the outer office providing customer service, knowledge about NSP’s programs, and clerical assistance. They also develop personal skills based on assignments related to their academic areas of interest.

Orientation Leaders

New Student Orientation is made up of about 130 diverse and enthusiastic Orientation Leaders (OLs).  OLs learn skills in leadership, collaboration, event planning, and team building, while being trained to facilitate diverse and inclusive communities. After a week of intense training, OLs represent Elon hospitality at its best as they welcome new students to campus fall semester and continue to mentor students throughout their first semester. This position serves as an opportunity to learn the foundations of leadership and peer-to-peer mentorship.

Team Leads

The Team Lead position builds on the Orientation Leader experience, further developing the peer mentoring and leadership skills that were introduced through the OL experience. This role requires a high level of commitment as it requires students to be on campus throughout the spring semester, engaged in weekly meetings, and serving as a peer mentor to a small group of Orientation Leaders. Team Leads assist in the recruitment, selection, training, and mentorship of Orientation Leaders as well as serve as behind the scenes support during New Student Orientation.

Student Orientation Coordinators

The Student Coordinator position builds upon skills developed throughout the Orientation Leader and Team Leads positions. This experience combines peer mentorship and leadership with program planning, implementation, and assessment. Being a Student Coordinator requires the highest level of commitment, as students would need to be on campus spring-fall of the following year, including throughout the summer months leading up to NSO. This paid experience helps students develop a professional identity, an opportunity to build and refine their supervision and mentorship skills, program and event planning, and enables students to leave a meaningful impact on the NSO experience for new students as well as student staff.

Orientation Specialists

The Orientation Specialist position is an essential behind-the-scenes member of the New Student Orientation (NSO) team. While this position does not work directly with incoming students, it is responsible for key logistical components of the NSO program that contribute to its holistic success. Each Orientation Specialist will be responsible for preparing materials needed for orientation and move-in, while also staffing Orientation Head Quarters. Orientation Specialists will also serve as the behind-the-scenes programming crew throughout NSO to ensure a positive orientation program that remains committed to the goals and learning outcomes of New Student Programs.