Welcome to Elon!

We are excited you are joining us for Spring 2021! Whether you are coming to Elon as a first-year student or a transfer student, New Student Orientation (NSO) will ensure that your transition to Elon is smooth and enjoyable. We cannot wait to see you February 6-7, 2021 for your NSO experience!

We recognize that this will not be the same orientation as previous years, but know that we will prioritize health and safety in addition to finding ways to deliver on the New Student Orientation goals despite the changes. Our goals for New Student Orientation remain the same, that new students will:

  • Connect with peers in meaningful ways and share experiences to broaden their community.
  • Engage their intercultural awareness and learn Elon’s common language, perspective, and skills to bolster their understanding of self and how their identity contributes to the broader Elon community.
  • Discover Elon University’s traditions and campus culture.
  • Learn about and deepen their understanding of the University services and procedures that they will use throughout their years at Elon.
  • Intellectually engage with faculty, staff, administrators, and other students to strengthen their understanding of the academic expectations of the college experience, including the Core Curriculum, engaged learning, and academic advising.
  • Enhance their understanding of University requirements and resources designed to support them as they strive for academic success.

Who Attends Orientation

New Student Orientation is designed for all new students, transfers and first-years. It is expected that all new students will participate fully in the experience. We expect everyone to be present and plan accordingly, you do not need to register prior to the experience.

If you have any questions about the schedule, please reach out to New Student Programs at nsp@elon.edu or (336) 278-7000.

Required Testing for COVID-19

All students, faculty, and staff must complete mandatory, arrival COVID-19 testing on campus (free of charge) upon their arrival to campus (prior to going anywhere else on campus). Testing will take place in Alumni Gym. Students should plan to be tested on Saturday, February 6, 2021 between 9AM – 12PM to ensure adequate time to receive results prior to checking in for New Student Orientation. Students not completing arrival/entry testing will be dropped from classes and will not be able to move into their housing.

Abbott BinaxNow rapid antigen tests will be used for all mandatory arrival testing. All students must quarantine in their rooms, either in campus housing or off-campus, until they receive negative test results. Results will be posted within two hours at the bottom of your My Readiness page. While awaiting results, students may move into their room while wearing a mask and following safe physical distancing guidelines. We ask that parents, family members, and other loved ones who accompany students to campus to minimize the amount of time they spend on campus and in our facilities. Additionally, we ask that everyone abide by our mandatory mask policy and physical distancing guidelines.

Please note: Students with a prior positive PCR or antigen (with symptoms) test within 90 days of arrival must complete the COVID-19 Testing Exception form and provide documentation through their Phoenix Health Portal.

Testing positive: Those with positive results are required to immediately return to Alumni Gym to take a PCR test and then quarantine at least until those results are returned within 24-48 hours ( to avoid any chance of false positives). Those with a positive result, confirmed by a positive PCR test, will be required by the Health Department to isolate for 10 days. Close contacts to positive cases will also be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Arriving late: Testing will be available in Alumni Gym on Saturday, February 6, 2021 from 9AM – 4PM. However, New Student Orientation check-in and Health Checkpoint is from 3:30PM-4:30PM with orientation activities beginning at 4:45PM. To ensure you are able to participate in New Student Orientation and to proceed through the Health Checkpoint plan to take your COVID-19 test in the morning. Students arriving after testing concludes for the days, should plan to quarantine until testing resumes on the next available day. Depending on housing arrangements, students should contact roommates, suitemates, or apartment mates about their plans.

Weekly Testing

In the winter and spring, and to better identify positive cases, all undergraduates will be required to participate in on-campus PCR testing every other week and weekly antigen testing when supplies become available. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.

Arriving on Campus

A snapshot of your February 6, 2021:

  • Test for COVID-19 in Alumni Gym sometime between 9AM – 12PM (more information about testing above)
  • Check into housing at your neighborhood area office (if applicable) and move into your room
  • Quarantine in your room until you receive negative COVID-19 test results (check your results on My Readiness page)
  • Between 3:30PM – 4:30 PM proceed through Elon’s Health Checkpoint and check into New Student Orientation in the Moseley Student Center
  • Engage in New Student Orientation beginning at 4:45PM on Saturday, February 6 and culminating in New Student Convocation Sunday, February 7

Additional Details

Upon your arrival to campus be sure you visited Alumni Gym to be tested for COVID-19 (more information above). A Campus Map will be useful as you navigate in and around our campus.

Upon completing your COVID-19 test you may proceed to your Neighborhood area office to check into your on campus housing (if applicable). After moving in and receiving a negative test result (approximately two hours after you test) you are required to proceed through our Health Checkpoint and then check into New Student Orientation both occurring from 3:30PM – 4:30PM in the Moseley Student Center.

At our Health Checkpoint all students will be:

  • Required to bring and wear a face covering while they have their temperature checked
  • Receive their Ready & Resilient Kit (Elon face covering, hand sanitizer, tissues, information, thermometer, etc.)

Staff on site will verify:

  • Completion of Elon’s required COVID-19 testing
  • Completion of required health training
  • Submission of immunization records
  • Signature of the Healthy Elon Commitment
  • Once cleared, you will be directed to Orientation check-in where you will also receive your Phoenix Card.

Please note: As much as possible, students should limit the number of family members who help them move-in, preferably being assisted by only one or two others. Please bring your own dolly or wagon to help assist you in the move. We encourage family members not to linger around campus and to return safely home soon after moving their student into their room. 

Required COVID-19 Training

All new students are required to take Elon’s Ready & Resilient Training. These brief modules include key information to support a healthy campus, including training on face coverings, health, hygiene, the Ready & Resilient Health Screen, cleaning protocols, COVID-19 testing, and the Healthy Elon Commitment.

  • All students, faculty and staff will sign the Healthy Elon Commitment, a collective commitment to act each day to safeguard the health and well-being of all community members.
  • The required training also includes a university disclosure statement for students. As part of the training, students will acknowledge they have read the statement.
  • The training modules, Healthy Elon Commitment, and the disclosure statement explain basic facts and conditions related to the 2020-2021 academic year, Elon’s response to COVID-19 and expectations of everyone in our community.

To access the training modules, visit www.elon.edu/rrtraining. You will need to login using your Elon username and password. You must complete this prior to beginning your time at Elon.


There is ample parking in and around campus.

For COVID-19 testing in Alumni Gym, you are welcome to park in the Oaks Neighborhood parking lot.

Each Residential Neighborhood has its own parking lot, please park in the designated parking lot. For New Student Orientation you are welcome to either park in the McMichael lot or Oaks Neighborhood lot.

If you are coming to Elon with a car that you’ll keep on campus, be sure to obtain your parking permit. You can find out more information and register your vehicle on the Campus Safety and Police website.

New Student Orientation Activities

We developed a re-imagined New Student Orientation experience for all new students. Activities will occur in the late afternoon on Saturday, February 6 and run all day on Sunday, February 7. You will participate in a small group of 12-15 students and an Orientation Leader, an upper-class student who has been trained to give you all the information you will need to be successful at Elon. Whether you are new to college, or just new to Elon’s campus, Orientation Leaders will make sure you feel confident and competent as you begin your Elon experience.

You will also have the chance to meet with your academic advisor, the person who will work with you to help plan for coursework and experiential learning until you declare a major. Once you declare a major, you will be assigned a new academic advisor in that disciplinary area.

In addition to making sure you are prepared to begin class and engage in academics at Elon, Orientation will help you learn about campus life and cultural values at Elon. Elon’s values a strong, inclusive community in which students understand the importance of different identities respectfully engage with each other across those differences. A full schedule will be provided at check-in.

New Student Convocation

New Student Convocation is an important Elon tradition in which new students gather together to hear an official welcome to the University from  the Provost, the Vice President of Student Life, and other senior administrators. New students also receive an acorn, a symbol of the ways in which they will grow during their time at Elon. Please arrive early and dress neatly for this special event. Photos from Fall Convocation can be seen on Elon’s Flickr site as well as social media! Due to limited capacity, only students will be allowed into the venue.

Tune in live on Sunday, February 7 at 4:00pm at www.elon.edu/live.

Parents & Family

Out of an abundance of caution, most of our Parent and Family Orientation will be held virtually this year. All information can be found on the Parent and Family Virtual Orientation Page.

FAQs About Move-in Spring 2021

What is the procedure for physical distancing and sanitizing during move-in?

Elon University will require students and families moving in to wear face coverings throughout the move-in process. Face coverings will be provided to students as a part of their Ready & Resilient Kit. Elon will not provide face coverings for a student’s family members or move-in helper, so please plan accordingly. We will post safe usage guidelines including physical distancing and occupancy limits for all common areas, including lounges, kitchens, and lobbies. We will place hand sanitizing stations in buildings, particularly around elevators, restrooms, and common areas.

Will there be volunteers to help with my move-in?

There will be no helpers to help with move-in this year in an effort to limit the potential spread of COVID-19. Orientation and Residence Life staff will be in the buildings and available to provide directions, but we encourage students and families to be ready to move their own items into their room. We encourage you to refrain from bringing trailers or extra-large vehicles; students should not be bringing enough items to warrant these types of vehicles.

Who can be present at move-in?

Students will be limited to two family members or move-in helpers. This decision is based on guidelines for physical distancing from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public health, and the university’s Ready and Resilient Committee. The two-helper limit will reduce the likelihood of crowded stairwells, elevators, common baths, and hallways.

Additional family members are welcome to come to campus, but they cannot be in the building at the same time with the student. Once the move-in period ends in the evening of Saturday, February 6, only residents will be allowed in the residence halls.

Before coming to campus, all individuals should check for symptoms using the COVID-19 screening checklist on the Ready and Resilient website. Anyone exhibiting symptom(s) should not come to campus and should consult their health care provider. You can read about screening and other resources on the Ready and Resilient website.

How should I pack my things?

Please follow these guidelines when packing:

  • Don’t bring it all! Due to the uncertain nature of COVID-19 and the spring semester, students are strongly encouraged to pack only necessary items – enough to last through the end of the semester.
  • Consider bringing a dolly or handcart to make moving in easier.
  • Clearly label your belongings with your full name, residence hall, room number, and a contact phone number. Include labels on everything and make them easily visible.
  • Pack everything in a box, suitcase, or storage bin. Loose items are more likely to get lost and create more trips back and forth. In addition, in the event of inclement weather your belongings will be much safer in a box than on their own!
  • Size matters (and weight too)! Remember that, in a lot of cases, you will be using stairs and not elevators to move your belongings.
  • Communicate! Make sure that you have talked with your roommate and made an effort to avoid duplicating items for your room.
  • Be informed! Make sure that you review the list of what to bring and not bring and know what is and is not allowed in your room. Again, this will save time and effort for everyone!
  • Given the current circumstances, students may not want to travel often so they will need to bring enough items for the semester but not so much that they can’t move it all into their rooms by themselves. Residence Life has provided a suggested packing list to help narrow down items to bring.

What to Bring

Residence life encourages you to bring items that make your room feel more like home and make campus life more convenient for you.

What you should bring from home:

  • Laptop
  • Power strips (the UL approved, heavy duty type)
  • Smart TV or TV with Roku/HDMI streaming capabilities
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Desk lamp (not halogen), alarm clock, electric fan, small trash can, recycling bin
  • High-Efficiency Light Bulbs (LED or CFL) for desk lamps
  • Reusable water bottle and mug
  • Small refrigerator (10 amps or less)
  • TV
  • Linens, towels, blanket, pillow, mattress pad
  • Laundry basket/detergent/dryer sheets
  • Clothes drying rack/hangers
  • Hairdryer, curling iron, razors

If you have questions, please contact Residence Life at residencelife@elon.edu or 336-278-7300.

In light of Covid-19, please be sure to also bring the following items:

In light of Covid-19, Residence Life encourage you to bring the following items:

  • Cleaning supplies (ex. antibacterial spray or wipes, window cleaner)
  • At least 5 washable face coverings (required on campus)
  • Hand soap/sanitizer
  • Facial Tissues
  • Non-perishable foods for your room
  • Bottled Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Trash bags
  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
  • Thermometer
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Utensils
  • Medical information (ex. insurance information)

If you have questions, please contact Residence Life at residencelife@elon.edu or 336-278-7300.

What Not to Bring

Residence life encourages you to leave these items at home:

  • Microwaves and toaster ovens (except in Danieley Center kitchen area)
  • Extension cords
  • Halogen lamps
  • Cinder blocks to raise beds
  • Power tools
  • Gas, charcoal or electric grills
  • Candles (no candles are allowed at all), incense, or fireworks
  • Holiday (string) Lights; also LED lights
  • Hoverboards (including self-balancing scooters, battery operated scooters, hands-free seaways, and similar items)
  • Space Heaters
  • Electric Blankets
  • Wireless routers
  • Salt lamps
  • Any open-coil heating appliance
  • Pets (ONLY non-lethal fish in a 10-gallon tank or smaller are allowed)
  • Weapons
  • Microsoft Office (as a student you get a copy for free!)

If you have questions, please contact Residence Life at residencelife@elon.edu or 336-278-7300.