Schedule of Recurring Surveys

Updated: March 28, 2024

Time of Year
Frequency (Next Administration)
CIRP/The Freshman Survey August New Students Every three years (Summer 2025)
Elon Asks! August New Students Two years on, one year off (Summer 2023)
Commuter Habits September All Campus Biennally (2023)
Sustainability Survey September All Campus Biennally (2024)
Fall Student Survey Mid-Fall Varies Annually (2023)
Diverse Learning Environments Late Fall All Students Every three years ( Fall 2024)
Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership Early Spring All Undergraduates Every three years ( Spring 2024) – deferred
Your First College Year Mid-Spring First-Years Every three years (Spring 2023)
College Senior Survey Mid-Spring Seniors Every three years (Spring 2023)
National Survey of Student Engagement Mid-Spring First-Years and Seniors Every three years (Spring 2025)
Spring Student Survey Mid-Spring Varies Every three years (Spring 2024) as needed