2022 – 2023


AUG CIRP Freshman Survey – Newly enrolled UG students

SEPT Seasonable Flexible Schedule Feedback Survey – Staff

SEPT Sustainability Attitudes and Behavior Survey – Faculty, Staff, UG and GR students

OCT Fall Student Survey

  • Students in Transition: UG first year students and transfers
  • Residence Life: UG students living on campus
  • Data Competency: all UG students
  • Student Life Communications: all UG students

NOV Dining Services Survey: All students

NOV Elon 1010 Survey: Students enrolled in Elon 1010




Residence Quality of Life – Sponsored by Residence Life – Population: students living in campus residence halls

Times Higher Education Survey – Sponsored by University Communications – Population: undergraduate students and alumni graduating after May 2017

Princeton Review Survey – Sponsored by University Communications – Sample: undergraduate students



FEB Community Engagement Survey: Faculty and Staff

MAR/APR Your First College Year: First-year UG students

MAR/APR College Senior Survey: Students with Senior status

Spring (Tentative) Faculty and Staff Climate Survey

2021 –  2022

OIRA Administered Surveys

AUG Elon Asks! New Student Survey

OCT/NOV Fall Student Survey

NOV Diverse Learning Environments Survey

MAR/APR National Survey of Student Engagement

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Other Campus Surveys

  • Commuter Habits Survey: September-October
  • Healthy Minds Survey: Dates TBD  Delayed to Fall 2022

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2020 – 2021

OIRA Administered Surveys

  • New Student Survey (First Year Experience Advisory): August
  • Survey of the Lecturer Rank (Academic Council): October
  • Fall Student Survey (First Year Experience Advisory, Residential Education, Office of the Provost, Student Life): October – November
  • Faculty & Staff Wellness and Well-being (Human Resources, Office of the President): October
  • Canceled: Spring Student Survey: April


Other Campus Surveys

  • First Generation Student Survey (First Generation Student Support Services): December
  • Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL)  (Student Life): March
  • Fraternity & Sorority Experiences Survey (FSES) – Tentative: Spring
  • Deferred to 2021: Commuter Habits Survey (Office of Sustainability)
  • Deferred: Residential Campus Assessment (Residential Campus Assessment Team)
  • Deferred: Residential Experience Survey (Residence Life): January

Contact OIRA to have your survey added to this list.

2019 – 2020

OIRA Administered Surveys

  • The Freshman Survey/CIRP (August 2019)
  • Fall Student Survey/First 6 Weeks Survey (October/November 2019)
  • Your First College Year (March/April 2020)
  • College Senior Survey (March/April 2020)
  • HERI Faculty Survey (Canceled)
  • Student Perceptions of Remote Instruction (April 2020)
  • Faculty Perceptions of Remote Instruction (May/June 2020)

Other Campus Surveys

  • Office of Sustainability Survey (September 24 – October 8)
  • Office of Disability Services (October 10 – October 23)
  • Dining Services Survey (September 30 – October 25)
  • School of Education Interest Survey (February 11 – February 26)
  • Elon Response Resources Survey (February 12 – February 20)
  • Fraternity & Sorority Experience Survey (Tentative: April 13 – May 1) Rescheduled to Spring 2021
  • Community & Civic Engagement Survey (March)
  • Academic Council Committee Survey (Dates TBD)