Elon University is a residential campus focused on engaged learning. We value a broad spectrum of human experience, work to enhance the climate for honesty, fairness, respect, trust and accountability and strive to make Elon an ideal place to work, learn and live. We believe students learn best in an inclusive community that acknowledges, embraces and explores human differences such as race, ethnicity, culture, class, religion, political perspective, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and ability.

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Elon values and protects freedom of expression, including controversial ideas and differing views, but we do not condone harassment or intimidation. The Elon honor code states that every member of Elon University has the right to live and learn in an atmosphere of trust and support and that responsibility for maintaining these values in our community rests with each individual member. Please hold each other accountable so that we may learn and work together in a civil, supportive, and nurturing environment of open exchange. Speak up, either in the moment or in a private conversation after, when someone violates our community standards and share your experience with the university through the link below.

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