What Happens Once A Referral Is Shared?


Where Does the Referral Go?

Once a referral is submitted, it is shared with and reviewed by staff in Student Care and Outreach.  Depending on the circumstances, the referral may also be shared with other professional staff who will assist in providing support.


Will Someone Meet with the Student?

Based on the information provided, someone from our office (or a campus partner) may reach out to the involved student directly.  These meetings are generally non-confrontational and are designed to help the student navigate any additional difficulties they may be experiencing.  Not all referrals result in a face-to-face meeting with the student.

Except in very rare circumstances involving student safety, we do not require that students respond to our offers of support.  In most cases, we will attempt to contact the students several times using multiple methods.  If they do no response, we will attempt to update you on our attempts and will share a general set of resources with the student.  If a referral involves potential safety concerns for a student, staff will take additional steps to attempt to get in touch with the student.


What Updates Are Provided:

When possible and appropriate, we will provide an update to the person making the referral on actions that have been taken.  The amount of information that is able to be shared in any update is limited substantially by federal privacy laws (including FERPA).