Insurance and Risk Management strives to identify areas of risk and potential liability as well as establish policies to help mitigate loss. Here, you will find more information on risk management programs including environmental compliance, occupational health and safety, and e-commerce regulations.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Management

Access documentation and procedures for maintaining a safe, healthy, and compliant workplace.

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OSHA Compliance

Elon University complies with OSHA regulations to ensure a safe work environment for the campus community. Departments may request a site visit to confirm that their work area meets all regulations. Any department that has a potential violation, either through OSHA regulations or fire marshal code enforcement, will receive recommendations for remediation. Departments have 30 days to comply with the recommendation.

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Workplace Ergonomics

Elon is committed to providing faculty and staff with workstations that are free from known or potential hazards and allow you to be both productive and comfortable.

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