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OLPD is excited to announce the new Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) starting April 2021 for all supervisors of faculty and staff! We’ve heard your feedback and based on that what you’ve expressed, we’ve created ESP, a series of programs designed to support you and develop your supervisory skills and expertise.





Overview of the Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) series:

Goal: To celebrate, encourage, and support all supervisors in order to build a healthy, inclusive, skilled, and effective workforce. The series will offer adaptable trainings for all supervisors of employees, while at the same time enhancing and standardizing supervisory training.

Format: A variety of learning modes of delivery will be utilized including face-to-face, virtual, blended learning, coaching, etc.

Leadership Competences: The program is designed to enhance the following 7 leadership competencies.

  1. CommunicationElon Leadership Competencies graphic
  2. Global Perspective & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  3. Learning Capacity & Initiative
  4. Organizational Acumen
  5. Self-Awareness & Relationships
  6. Technical Knowledge
  7. Employee Development

Topics Offered: Twelve topics will be offered multiple times across multiple years.

  1. How People Learn and Work
  2. Valuing and Including: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Supervisors
  3. Valuing and Including: Supervising Generations in the Workplace
  4. Valuing and Including: Intercultural Competency for Supervisors
  5. Effectively Navigating the Elon Matrix
  6. Best HR Practices in Hiring Policies and Procedures
  7. Writing Effective Performance Reviews
  8. Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
  9. Giving and Receiving Feedback as a Supervisor
  10. Building an Effective Team or Department
  11. Managing Conflict and Performance Challenges
  12. Managing Change from Your Seat as a Supervisor

After completing all twelve topics above, employees choose two additional sessions each year to advance their supervisory skills (in consultation with OLPD and/or their own supervisors) from a range of Supervisor Learning sessions, discussions with senior leaders, conferences, and coaching sessions.

Timeline and Expectations:

The expectation is that 75% of campus supervisors will participate this coming year and Senior Staff and Deans will be engaged to assist in this participation. All supervisors will attend supervisor training annually and will ensure their staff members are participating in professional development each year. Supervisors will list yearly accomplishments on the Staff Performance Appraisal to demonstrate their annual participation in supervisory development programs, as well as to demonstrate their employee’s annual participation in professional development (internal and external). All programs will be evaluated by participants.