The objective of EECI is to lay a strong foundation for Elon’s early career professionals by providing resources, support, connection to Elon’s goals, professional learning strategies and a supportive cohort of colleagues for 5-25 members from each division (currently student life, admissions, advancement, and finance and administration).

EECI is intended to supplement, not replace Human Resources orientation, Joining Elon, or other divisional on-boarding.

A 2019 Student Life committee researched competencies from NACE, Boldly Elon and professional associations and created the first Student Life EECI cohort in summer 2022. The new cohort will begin their experience in the summer of 2023.

Participant Recruitment

Participant recruitment takes places in the spring. Applications are now closed. We encourage staff with 1-4 years experiences from the divisions of Admissions and Financial Aid, Finance and Administration, Student Life, and University Advancement to apply for future cohorts!

Who is coordinating EECI?

Co-Coordinators: Emily Krechel, director of new student programs, and Megan Noltemeyer, assistant to the vice president for student life

Co-Leads: Jill Hollis and Tait Arend (university advancement), Natalie Larson and James Thurnes (admissions and financial aid), Sean Walker and Kendra Harrison (finance and administration), Luis Garay and Cara Plasencia (student life)

Division Facilitators

Admissions & Financial Aid: Sarah Cates, Ginny Dudiak, Kimberly Stapleton

Finance & Administration: Doug Purnell, Scott Stevens, Missy Mellinger

Student Life: Barb Carlton, Meredith Harrison, Quintin Tucker

University Advancement: Brian Feeley, Cole Hyman, Raychel Lockwood

Who is this program for?

EECI is designed for staff members who are in their first four years working in higher education. Supervisor support and approval is a requirement as part of the application process. Requirements are intentionally kept at a minimum. If a staff member is interested in applying and doesn’t fit the above criteria, they can provide a justification with supervisor support for inclusion.

How will I benefit?

Curriculum for the Elon Early Career Institute is crafted to promote the development of foundational professional competencies:

  • Leadership
  • University decision-making and culture
  • Building meaningful relationships and mentoring networks
  • Skill development for higher education professionals

Participants will also develop competency in inclusive excellence and wellness and well-being, both of which serve as overarching themes and are addressed in relationship to each of the competencies.

How is the program structured?

Participants will attend a one-and-a-half-day off-site retreat experience in the summer followed by monthly one-on-one or group sessions throughout the academic year. Staffing includes:

  • 5-25 participants per division
  • 2 overarching EECI co-coordinators working with the Office of Leadership and Professional Development to coordinate the program
  • 2 co-leads per division coordinating divisional program in consultation with vice president(s)
  • 1 mid-level facilitator per 3-5 participants, leading sessions, meeting with participants, etc.

EECI Sample Calendar 

  • Early June – Supervisors of participants meet with coordinators and facilitators
  • June – Off-site retreat (1.5 days including an overnight)
  • July – Participants meet one-on-one or small group with their facilitator
  • August – Group program; gather after president’s address; EECI meet by division with vice president
  • September – Group workshop
  • October – Participants meet one-on-one or small group with their facilitator
  • November – Group workshop
  • Early December – Supervisors of participants meet with coordinators and facilitators
  • January –mini-retreat (half- or full-day off-site retreat)
  • February – Participants meet one-on-one or small group with their facilitator
  • March – Group workshop
  • April – Group final program and wrap-up (celebration with supervisors, VPs and participants)

How do I apply?

EECI is an optional experience based on participant interest and supervisor approval. Applications include an acknowledgment that supervisors have been consulted. Each participant’s supervisor should be involved and attend supervisor meetings to foster communication and on-going learning between sessions. For information on how to join the Elon Early Career Institute, contact program coordinators Emily Krechel, director of new student programs, or Megan Noltemeyer, assistant to the vice president for student life.