Elon World Series Walking Challenge

Each fall, the Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic holds a walking challenge. Teams of faculty and staff compete to see who can get in the most miles before the challenge concludes. Prizes are offered throughout the challenge for reaching walking milestones. This is always a fun activity for faculty and staff and is a great motivator to get out there and get walking!

This year’s theme is baseball, which may influence team names, but you are welcome to stick with your usual team name – the choice is yours!


Mon 09/12 Draft: Team Sign-Up Begins
This year’s challenge is a team-only event, with two walkers per team.
Mon 09/19 Season Opener: Race Begins
The race is on! Teams can start walking to accrue as many miles as possible.
Mon 11/14 Ninth Inning: Race Ends
Last day to accrue miles.
Tue 11/15 Postseason
Last day to enter miles


Teams will be awarded a prize for every base completed – first, second, third, and home. Teams that make it to home base will be entered for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE.

First Base Prize 60 Team Miles (30 miles each)
Second Base Prize 120 team miles (60 miles each)
Third Base Prize 180 team miles (90 miles each)
Home Run (Grand Prize entry) 240 team miles (120 miles each)