An effective exercise program can help you control your weight, improve brain functioning as you age, manage depression and anxiety, increase energy levels, maintain balance and flexibility, and slow or prevent chronic diseases. Elon provides a plethora of opportunities for exercise and fitness to help employees meet their wellness needs.

Exercise Classes

Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness offer a variety of exercise and movement classes exclusively for faculty and staff. These classes are free and are usually offered before/after work or during lunch hours.

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As an Elon employee, you and your family (ages 16 and over) have access to a variety of exercise and fitness facilities across campus.

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Personal Training

Faculty and staff are eligible to participate in Campus Recreation’s Personal Training program. This program utilizes certified student personal trainers to help you meet your wellness goals.

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Walking Challenge

Each fall, the Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic holds a walking challenge to motive faculty and staff to get out and get moving!

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