Phoenix Fit is a fitness program designed to improve fitness and health via both aerobic and resistive exercise. It is supervised by Fac/Staff from the Exercise Science department and offered on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings between 6-8 am. You may drop in between those hours and stay as long as you want. Most days, the program takes place outside of the Koury Athletic Center on the Williamson Street side. In severe weather, we will work out inside with masks optional. Equipment is provided. If you have disease risk factors and are older than 50 or just starting to exercise for the first time or have a chronic disease, please make an appointment at the Wellness Center to be sure you can safely start the exercise program.


Liz Bailey


Tuesday / Thursday 6:00-8:00 a.m. (Drop-in)


Koury Athletic, Williams street side

Winter Term: Francis Center Gym

What to Expect

As a participant, you’ll receive an individualized program designed to meet your personal fitness goals and current health status. Each Tuesday and Thursday morning you will meet with fellow participants in Jordan Gym where you will walk/run and participate in stretching and strengthening exercises. This program offers a convenient and fun group environment for exercise, health education, and support for behavior change.


  • Healthy males (age 40 or less) and healthy females (age 50 or less)
    During your initial visit, you will be screened by a Phoenix Fit staff member with a basic assessment of your health and physical fitness so a specific exercise program can be designed for you.
  • Employees outside the age range, those who smoke, or those who have specialized health issues (including orthopedic issues)
    Before starting the program, you must first make an appointment with the Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic by calling (336) 278-5569. During this assessment they will make sure that you can safely and effectively start an exercise program. Following this, you will then meet with a Phoenix Fit staff member to get started in the program.

Register for the Phoenix Fit Program

To register for the Phoenix Fit Program, call the Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic at (336) 278-5569.