Housing Selection Phase Two: Sophomores Starts tonight March 17

Housing Selection Phase Two for Sophomores Starts tonight March 17
Phase Two Basics
• All sophomores are required to live on campus. If you are interested in living off campus you must submit an appeal. The deadline to appeal is April 4.
• You MUST SELECT AN ASSIGNMENT ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY. Even if you plan to appeal, you must make a selection during the online process.
• While filling out the application, please check the middle of the first page for the “counter,” which lists which buildings are full or almost full during the process.
• Unless you received prior approval, your group cannot include any students who currently live off campus. Additionally, because we have reached the limit of seniors and juniors that we can house next year, your group cannot include any rising juniors or seniors.
• Fill out the Housing Selection Planning Worksheet and bring it in to Moseley 213 this week to register all members of your group to win one of four $100 gift cards to Best Buy.

• To avoid problems while you are applying for housing, it is highly recommended that you check your eligibility before your application start time. The number one step you can take to help your group with housing selection is to check your eligibility today.
• The eligibility page will tell you your earliest application time slot and whether someone in your group has holds or errors which would prevent you from filling out the application.
• To check eligibility, log-on to Ontrack and click the link for “Phase Two.”
• Remember, it takes 48 hours for your housing reservation fee to be processed, and you cannot get in to the application until this has been paid and processed.

If you have questions please contact Residence Life:

       Call – 336.278.7300 or
       E-mail – residencelife@elon.edu or
       Instant Messege: AskResidenceLife