Ringelberg invited to give American Studies lecture at LIU

Dr. Kirstin Ringelberg, associate professor of art history, has been invited to give one of two keynote lectures for the American Studies program at Long Island University.  Ringelberg will be speaking Thursday, March 27, on material from chapter four of her recently completed manuscript, Gender, Domesticity, and the Artist’s Studio in American Impressionism. This talk, “Arranging, Collecting, and Appreciating: Woman as Object and Agent in Gilded Age Art” will address the confluence of representations of late nineteenth-century American women in literature, art, and popular culture.  Ringelberg will argue that these representations show the inherent contradictions and destabilizations of a society that had not come to a single view about either gender or societal advancement, rather than, as is more commonly argued, a clear picture of women as mere objects.