Apply to The Pendulum, Elon’s Award-Winning Student Newspaper

The Pendulum, Elon's award-winning weekly newspaper, will have several executive staff positions open starting in the fall semester.

Descriptions of the jobs are below. Applications are available in the Pendulum office on Williamson, and they’re due May 8. (OR DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION HERE.) Interviews will start the following week.
We’re looking for well qualified applicants with a thirst for news and strong writing abilities. All positions require five office hours a week and come with a weekly stipend. Interested students should contact editor in chief Olivia Hubert-Allen at 336-278-7247 or for more information.

Opportunities to do more than simply write are available at your community newspaper. The Pendulum continues to make great strides into the online world, and it welcomes students who are willing to shoot video and photos, create podcasts and produce Soundslides photo essays, for example.

The Pendulum is a highly creative environment, seeking intelligent, committed and driven students. If you fit that description, then apply immediately.

Design Editor
Do you dream of text boxes, well-placed pictures and awesome infographics?  Are you loving the Pendulum’s new look? Then join our staff as a design editor. We’re looking for someone who is creative, fun and pays a high attention to detail to join our design team. A qualified candidate would have strong InDesign and Photoshop skills. Headline and cutline writing skills are important too! Spelling abilities are a bonus! (Colombia vs. Columbia – it’s a toughie!)

Graphics Editor
If Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign feature in your ideal way to spend an afternoon, then you’d be perfect for The Pendulum. The student newspaper is looking for an energetic, artistic student to join our team of designers and editors. Duties will include designing anything from pie charts to creating graphic art for articles. A strong candidate will have an artistic eye and a be creative with a mouse.

News Editor
Are you someone who always likes to be in the know? Are you willing to drop everything for a breaking story? Do you consume the news like none other? Then, join our staff as a news editor. We’re looking for someone who is focused, driven, responsible and intelligent to serve as one of our co-news editors. A qualified candidate would have strong writing and editing skills, work well with others and be comfortable in a leadership position.

Photo Editor
Do the terms toning, rule of thirds and shutter speed mean anything to you? Do you carry your camera everywhere? Then, join our staff as a photo editor. We’re looking for someone who can wield the camera like none other. A qualified candidate would have strong photography skills, be talented with Photoshop and have a superior knowledge of how to work a camera. Click!

Multimedia Editor
Convergence! The Pendulum is looking for a web-savvy student interested in running the multimedia arm of the newspaper. The new multimedia editor will be responsible for assigning and creating multimedia and interactive content for the Web site. Interested students should have photo and video production skills, as well as a knowledge of multimedia authoring. Flash skills would be great, but aren’t necessary.