Cahill, DiRosa, Motley, and Nam selected to be CATL Scholars

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) is pleased to name four faculty CATL Scholars for 2010-2012. The purpose of the CATL Scholars program is to cultivate scholarly and innovative teaching and learning at Elon University. CATL Scholars will receive funding for two years to develop, implement, and assess projects intended to transform student learning.

The four faculty selected to be CATL Scholars beginning next fall are:

• Ann Cahill (Associate Professor of Philosophy), “Argumentation Step-by-Step”: Cahill’s project will further develop an innovative, learning-centered approach to teaching argumentation and will transform that pedagogy into a web-based curriculum that will be shared with instructors at other institutions.

• Samantha DiRosa (Assistant Professor of Art), “(un)common partnerships for a common purpose: focusing on art/science relationships in the study of environmental art”: DiRosa’s project will create a cross-listed course in Art and Environmental Studies (one of the first of its kind in the U.S.) that focuses specifically on collaborations between artists and scientists.

• Phillip Motley and Sang Nam (Assistant Professors of Communications, sharing one CATL Scholar position): “Sustainable Learning in Technology Intensive Programs”: Building on work these new faculty did when they were University of Wisconsin Teaching Fellows, Motley and Nam’s project will transfer intense technology learning to locations and times outside of the classroom so that students may master strategies for learning technology on their own, enabling them to sustain what they’ve learned beyond the limits of the curriculum.

An overview of each project is available on the web site linked from this page.

A faculty committee selected these Scholars in a blind review of the seven applications that were submitted. Review committee members were:
• Stephen Bloch-Schulman (Philosophy, 2008-2010 Scholar)
• Jeffrey Coker (Biology, 2006-2008 Scholar)
• Ayesha Delpish (Math, 2009-2011 Scholar)
• Ashley Hairston (English, 2007-2009 Scholar)
• Jessie Moore (English, 2009-2011 Scholar)

Next fall the CATL will invite applications from faculty for appointment to be Scholars during the 2011-2013 academic years. Applications will be due on the first Monday in October 2010.

For more information on the CATL Scholars program, please visit the web site or contact Peter Felten.