College Writing Faculty and CATL Research Digital Literacies Pedagogies

Today's students and alumni can tap increasingly varied technologies to support their writing across the university, in internships, and in post-graduation careers. Five ENG 110 faculty also want them to have critical strategies for using these available technologies to enhance their writing processes, their written products, and their research.

Over the summer, Jessie Moore (College Writing Coordinator), Greg Hlavaty, Paula Patch, Jean Schwind, and Murphy Townsend developed a series of instructional innovations that give students at Elon University practice using digital research and writing technologies in ENG 110: College Writing. With assistance from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, the faculty are researching the learning outcomes from the innovations, with the goal of revising the curricular activities and sharing them with colleagues for broader implementation in ENG 110 in the spring. Moore and Katie King, Associate Director of CATL, also are examining the activity development process in hopes of sharing the curriculum design and assessment processes with other faculty teaching multi-section courses across the university.

This project is funded by a $15,000 grant from the Revson Foundation. Please direct questions to Jessie Moore or Katie King, the project leads from College Writing and CATL.