Alumnae’s Film Selected for Carrboro Film Festival

Alumnae Natalie Fava and Taylor Johnson had their film "Elsewhere: 3 Stories Afterwards" selected for the 2009 Carrboro Film Festival Nov. 22.

The film is about a woman named Sylvia, who collected everything and sold almost nothing from her family’s Army surplus store. What was left after she died in 1997 were three stories of American memorabilia stacked floor to ceiling in a building in downtown Greensboro, N.C.

Sylvia’s grandson George Scheer saw the building as a place for artists, a place he called “Elsewhere.”

“Creating a film about a place that encapsulates imagination felt necessary for a person who believes in the dream world,” Fava said. “It seems there are very few places like Elsewhere left in this world. For that reason, this is a short film that deserves the length of a feature. Taylor and I are delighted for the opportunity to spread Elsewhere to the world through various festivals and are proud to have produced it during our time at Elon.”

The Carrboro Film Festival received more than 100 films and will feature approximately 27 on the day of the festival. The film festival draws 400-500 filmgoers to the Carrboro Century Center each year. It’s held at Century Hall at the Century Center in Carrboro, N.C. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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