Six Elon students present at State Research Symposium

Six Elon students presented papers Nov. 21 at the 5th Annual State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium held at UNC Wilmington. Several Elon faculty mentors accompanied the students.

The symposium showcases multidisciplinary undergraduate research scholarship from 53 state and private colleges and universities and 58 community colleges of North Carolina.

Elon presenters included:

• Ellis Bridgers, senior history major, presented her paper, “Septimius Severus: An Imperial Innovator?” Her mentor is Hui-hua Chang.
• Caroline Fox, senior communications major, presented the study, “Picture Perfect: An Analysis of Three Women Politicians, Their Public Relations Image, and Media Portrayals.” Her mentor, Frances Ward-Johnson, also attended the conference.
• Eva Jorgensen-Graham, senior psychology major, discussed “Optimism and Pessimism as Moderators of Nonverbal Sensitivity: Do Optimists Have an Advantage?” Her mentor is Maurice Levesque.
• Leigh Lampley, senior psychology major, spoke on the “Effects of Culture on Gendered Stereotypes of Emotion.” Her mentor is Linda Wilmshurst.
• Kirby Sypek, senior elementary education major, presented “Stories from First-year Teachers to Preservice Teachers.” Her mentor, Terry Tomasek, attended the conference.
• Sarah Vavreck, senior human service studies major, addressed “The Effectiveness of Play Therapy Language Used in Peer Mentoring Sessions Between 5th and Kindergarten Students.” Her mentor is Judy Esposito.

The mission of SNCURCS is to recognize the discovery and inquiry-based scholarship and entrepreneurial talents of undergraduate students of North Carolina and to cultivate the next generation of research and artistic mentors within colleges, universities, industry and governmental agencies.