Jan 28 – Building Your Gallery Faculty Workshop

Belk Pavilion, 9:00 - 12:00 noon, Rm TBA

Thursday, January 28
Belk Pavilion, 9:00 – 12:00 noon, Rm TBA

CATL and TLT are working together to build a strong web presence that focuses on excellent, scholarly teaching by Elon faculty and on the engaged learning done by Elon students.

One way we plan to represent and highlight that work is through a “gallery” of faculty projects. Each gallery entry will have a similar format, but the content will vary depending on the faculty project being profiled.

Some Elon faculty have created research project galleries for ETLP, a grant-funded project coordinated by CATL. These examples follow the format we’re planning to use for all faculty.

ETLP Project Gallery
2008-2009 Elon Faculty Participants

Student perceptions of French across the curriculum
Sophie Adamson

Investigating how students develop philosophical evidence-mindedness
Stephen Bloch-Schulman

Student-designed Experiments in Introductory Biology for Non-majors
Jeffrey Coker

Understanding student approaches to statistical problem-solving
Ayesha Delpish

“Cudgel thy brains no more about it”: Shakespeare and performance-centered learning
Megan Isaac

Student perceptions of service-learning in TESOL
Jessie Moore

The sticky nature of transfer:
What can we learn from first-year writing students’ drafting habits?

Paula Patch

Laughter and cognitive conflict
Shawn Tucker
Fine Arts

We’re modeling our gallery after the CTE Portfolios Gallery developed by the University of Kansas. 
For an example, see the gallery created by Andrea Greenhoot entitled The Evolution of a Term Project: Iterative Course Redesign to Enhance Student Learning.

We’re hoping to steer our gallery to focus on student learning as we develop our work, as does KU. Some KU projects also focus on a unit (such as a department or program), rather than on one individual faculty member’s work. That’s an interesting idea, too, that we’ll explore.

Sarah Bunnell, KU

Sarah Bunnell from KU will conduct the hands-on workshop to walk us through the development process. We anticipate that this will be a good start for some of us, and that it’ll give us a better idea of how to adapt the gallery approach to Elon.

If you are interested in using a gallery format to capture something about your students’ learning and your teaching (perhaps as a step toward more formal publication on that project?),  please let us know.


RSVP to:  Peter Felten  by January 15th.