Black History Month 2012-2013 Steering Committee: Need Student Volunteers

 In preparation of the upcoming school year, the Black History Month Steering Committee has created a new plan to have a student-led committee for February 2013’s events. This committee will consist of several positions that cover a wide variety of responsibilities that contribute to Black History Month.

Student Program Coordinator
The Black History Month Student Program Coordinator supervises and oversees all of the elements that comprise the events leading up to and during Black History Month. This individual will facilitate regular meetings, coordinate a schedule with the rest of the committee, and establish regular communication with all participating faculty, staff, and guests. The Black History Month Student Program Coordinator will involve him or herself heavily with the Black History Month events and will be responsible and accountable for the full planning process and execution and assessment of the events. The BHM Student Program Coordinator reports directly to and submits biweekly progress reports to the AAASE Program Coordinator and the Director of the Multicultural Center.

Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator
The Student Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator will has some knowledge in Marketing and Public Relations strategies to aid in the advertisement of the Black History Month events. The responsibilities of this position include creating advertisements and devising strategies to better promote the month’s events. Some Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge and skills are required for this position.

Registration Coordinator
The Student Registration Coordinator is responsible for the reservation of utilities required for the various events. This person will be in contact with ETS, Moseley Center, Media Services, and other outlets to ensure that all resources are acquired for the events. This person will establish correspondence with the Student Program Coordinator after completing his or her tasks for each event and will be expected to confirm the reservation of necessary resources.

Speaker/Special Guest Coordinator
The Speaker/Special Guest Coordinator is responsible for establishing correspondence with special guests that will speak or present at certain events, will help craft the speaker/guest itineraries and shepherd them to and from their respective events.

Budget/Finance Coordinator
The Budget/Finance Coordinator is responsible for liaising with the Student Union Board, SGA and other organizations if/when budgeting is necessary and for working with the other student coordinators to develop a planning budget for all the events..

Volunteer Coordinator (2)
The Volunteer Coordinators will be students who advertise and create a list of volunteers whose assistance will be needed at certain events. These Volunteer Coordinators will be responsible for maintaining correspondence with these volunteers. They will create a schedule for the events (if shifts are needed), and will also work with the Marketing / Public Relations Coordinator to advertise for the events that need volunteers.

Media Coordinator
The Media Coordinator will be an individual who has expertise in Social Media and has a connection to Elon’s on-campus networking (E-Net, The Pendulum, etc.). This student will be responsible for regularly updating the Facebook and Twitter accounts that have been created, as well as managing the Elon Black History Month website. This individual will be expected to make changes as needed and will have access to the website. He or she will be in a close working relationship with the Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator to advertise the events and make an accurate account of the events in all of the media that are available at Elon University

Subcommittee Members

Organization Representatives (Several)
Several representatives from various student organizations, departments, and groups will be asked to join the committee as liaisons between their respective groups and the Black History Month Steering Committee. These individuals will help plan the month’s events and will hopefully use their organization’s creativity and/or resources to sponsor or co-sponsor some of the month’s events. These individuals will then bring their ideas to the Executive Committee so that the Executive Committee can advertise, make proper reservations, and include these events in Black History Month.


If interested in any of the above positions, please contact Kimberly Edwards ( before May 4, 2012 at 4 PM.