Lively student group gathers to watch presidential debate

About 60 students came together on Oct. 3 to assess the candidates and talk about Campaign 2012.


Elon’s student group, The Politics Forum, sponsored a debate-watch party on Oct. 3 to give students a group opportunity to assess the performance of President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

The students crowded into a room in McCoy Commons to watch the debate on a big screen. There was a great deal of laughter at the jabs the candidates traded and a few moans when the candidates made points the students didn’t agree with.

Junior Cara McClain said she enjoyed the debate. “They were way more sassy than I expected. They were more direct in their criticism of each other – both had an edge to what they said,” McClain said.

Senior Joshua McGee said he thought Romney won the debate. “Romney was the emotional one, while Obama was professorial – that might be good for policy but not for politics,” McGee said. “Romney pulled off some zingers well, he exceeded my expectations.”

Senior James Baker thought Obama won the debate. “He talked more about what he has actually done and what he still wants to accomplish. He spent less time attacking Romney,” Baker said. “Romney spent most of the debate attacking Obama and not on what he would do as president.”

Following the debate, students lingered in small groups, sharing their observations and trading opinions about how each of the candidates did in the debate.

The Politics Forum plans to sponsor additional events for the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates.