Project Pericles hosts visitors from Mexican university

A professor and two students from University of Monterrey traveled to campus to learn more about Elon's program.

From left: Elon Professor Tom Arcaro, Dr. Hector Gomez de la Paz, Itziar Oloriz and Erick Alanis.
The Periclean Scholars’ program recently hosted three visitors from Mexico’s University of Monterrey. Hector Gomez de la Paz and his two students, Itziar Oloriz and Erick Alanis, visited Elon University from Tuesday, April 9, through Friday, April 12.

Gomez de la Paz, Oloriz and Alanis came to Elon to learn more about the Periclean Scholars program through observing and participating in Periclean Scholars’ activities and by having numerous conversations with current Pericleans and Periclean Mentors. Such activities included visiting Periclean Scholars and Spanish language classes, participating in meetings with current Pericleans and Class Mentors, and by being honored guests at the Induction of the Class of 2016, the 11th class of Periclean Scholars.

Gomez de la Paz and Professor Tom Arcaro, founding director of the Periclean Scholars program at Elon, have been collaborating for the last 18 months. Gomez de la Paz has been working with senior administrative officials at UDEM and will become the founding director of Ciudadanos Globales, a program which will be modeled after Elon’s Periclean Scholars program.

Arcaro has traveled to UDEM twice in the past 18 months and this is the third visit to Elon by administrators or faculty from UDEM during the same time period.

Oloriz and Alanis will be part of Ciudadanos Globales and are now assisting Gomez de la Paz in recruiting the first Class of Ciudadanos Globales.

Oloriz is a finance major at UDEM and has been involved in many social justice projects including leading Sillaton, an organization that provides wheelchairs to children with special needs. Alanis is studying international marketing, and he is the president of Sonrie, meaning “smile,” an organization that he developed with three friends. Alanis is also a part of UDEM’s “Formar para transformer” program, which prepares students to become leaders.
Periclean Scholars and mentors of all classes enjoyed sharing their experiences with these visitors and are excited to see Ciudadanos Globales come to fruition.