Nine mathematics majors present at research conference

A total of nine mathematics majors presented their research results at the ninth annual Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference on Saturday, Nov. 2 at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.

From left to right: Ben Ackerman, Erin Strosnider, John Antonelli, Colleen Brockmyre, Christie Dierk, Chris Shill, Todd Calnan, Nakhila Mistry. Not pictured: Andrew Fischer.
​Elon’s undergraduate presenters were well represented at the conference and comprised 25 percent of all undergraduate presentations, which was more than any other participating institution.

Students who presented at the conference included:

  • Benjamin Ackerman ’13, “Continued Fractions, Ford Circles, and Descartes’ Theorem”, mentored by Todd Lee, professor of mathematics. 
  • John Antonelli ’15, “Finding Solutions to the Turning All Lights Out Puzzle in 3D”, mentored by Crista Arangala, associate professor of mathematics.
  • Colleen Brockmyre ’14, “Basic Linear Algebra behind Google’s Search Engine”, mentored by Jim Beuerle, associate professor of mathematics. 
  • Todd Calnan ’14, “Fractals and their application in medical imaging”, mentored by Jeff Clark, professor of mathematics. 
  • Christine Dierk ’14, “A Recursive Solution to Enumerating Directed Graphs”, mentored by Todd Lee, professor of mathematics. 
  • Andrew Fischer ’14, “Investigation into a mathematical model of epileptic seizures”, mentored by Karen Yokley, assistant professor of mathematics.
  • Nakhila Mistry ’14, “Music Genomics: Applying Seriation Algorithms to Billboard #1 Hits”, mentored by  Arangala. 
  • Christopher Shill ’14, “Computing Galois groups of degree 12 2-adic fields with trivial automorphism group”, mentored by Chad Awtrey, assistant professor of mathematics.
  • Erin Strosnider ’14, “Degree 14 p-adic fields”, mentored by Awtrey.