SharePoint, Informer, and Colleague … Oh My! – Jan. 29

Wednesday, January, 29th, Oaks 207, 12:00 - 1:15pm

SharePoint, Informer, and Colleague are three names on campus that raise a lot of questions.  During this session, we will discuss these three pieces of software and how they can be used.  

Think about the things that would make your job easier if you just had a simple way to do them. Things like being able to collaborate on documents, share contacts and calendars, digitize that paper form you’ve been using for years, or streamline those cumbersome office processes that take up so much of your time.

During the first half of this session JP Lavoie will explore how SharePoint can make each of these challenges easier to manage, and help you regain your time for other projects.

The second half of our session will focus on Entrinsik Informer and Ellucian Colleague.  Julie White will share some tips and tricks for using Colleague and give an explaination of Informer reports.  

Lunch will be provided to staff who RSVP before Thursday, January 23rd.