Dual-degree program readies students for careers in international business

Aubrey Crawley '16 plans to further her German language skills by studying at Reutlingen University beginning this fall.

Aubrey Crawley '16 is currently enrolled in the international business dual-degree program to pursue a business career in Germany.
Established in 2011, the international business dual-degree program offers students a unique opportunity to earn two business degrees in four years, one from Elon University and one from the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University in Germany or NEOMA Business School in France. Elon students take core classes at Elon and begin to learn the language of the country where they will be studying.

Then, beginning in their junior year, Elon students will start their studies at Reutlingen University or NEOMA Business School. Students are required to do a semester-long, full-time internship the spring of their junior year and will gain invaluable business experience in a multicultural environment.

Tom Tiemann, director of the dual degree program, said the program was developed to help business school students take advantage of study abroad opportunities that are more long-term.

“It’s going to be really hard to not deal internationally in a career,” Tiemann said.

Aubrey Crawley ‘16 is currently enrolled in the dual-degree program and studying international business. The Stow, Ohio, native will be studying at Reutlingen University in Germany in fall 2014 and said she is looking forward to opportunities she will have to grow professionally and personally while abroad. Crawley will be studying abroad for two years and taking all of her courses in German.

Crawley is the second person to be featured in a series of profiles about students enrolled in the dual-degree program and their experiences studying international business.

She answered questions recently from the Love School of Business about her experiences.

Why did you enroll in the international business dual-degree program?

I knew I wanted to do international business when I was in high school. I was looking for schools that had a program. I saw the dual-degree sign in the atrium of the business school when I was touring Elon and contacted Dr. Tiemann. I did mission trips in high school and knew I wanted to travel in college. I don’t want to be insulated. My family was very supportive of me doing the dual-degree program from the beginning.

Why did you choose Germany as the country where you would study abroad?

As I started to look into the program, I found that Germany is basically the driving economy of Europe. I knew I wanted to travel and I have always loved studying other cultures. I am enrolled in the Business German Program at Elon to learn as much as I can about the language and culture before I get there.

What are you looking forward to most while living abroad?

I am looking forward to all the things we don’t get to do here, like exploring Germany and the rest of Europe. I am also excited to develop relationships with international students. I don’t think you can get this opportunity in just one semester studying abroad there. The first semester will be a big learning curve. Since I am the Leader in Collaborative Service (LINCS) coordinator for Allied Churches, I definitely want to incorporate service learning into my time abroad.

What are your career goals for after graduation?

I think I would like to stay in Germany for a couple years after I graduate and get accustomed to a business there. Then I would work for that company as a liaison in the United States.