Elon Women’s Club soccer beats Wake Forest

  Elon Women's Club Soccer took on the Demon Deacons club on February 23.

At the start of the game, the girls were evenly matched. Both teams had many shots on the goal and great plays but with a score of 0-0 at halftime, Elon was ready to come out and play hard the second half.

Freshman Rosie Ruzzi scored Elon’s first goal off of a wide cross from the far left corner of the field only minutes after the second half started. A few minutes later, Ruzzi scored another goal on a great strike from within the 18.

Freshman Sarah Alger finished out the game with another goal for Elon, coming from the top of the box and soaring into the back of the net. After holding off the women’s Wake Forest team for the rest of the half, Elon finished their first game of the spring season with a 3-0 win.