CATL seminar on integrative learning – Sept. 29 & Oct. 27

This two-part seminar will explore research on and teaching practices that help students learn to connect, apply and synthesize their learning across contexts and over time.

Connect, apply, synthesize: Helping students integrate their learning
Monday, Sept. 29 & Monday, Oct. 27, 3:30-4:45 p.m.
Belk Pavilion 201

Integrative learning can happen when students link what they’ve learned in one course to another, or when they bridge theory and practice (connecting their learning from a course to an internship, for instance, or vice versa). While majors and programs have integrative goals and use pedagogies to encourage this kind of learning, research suggests that many students are not as successful as they could be at integrative learning. In this seminar we will read and discuss a few key articles on integrative learning – aiming to connect, apply and synthesize the literature on integrative learning to the way we teach our courses and structure our curricula.

Barber, J. P. (2014), Integration of Learning Model: How College Students Integrate Learning. New Directions for Higher Education, 2014: 7–17.

Himbeault Taylor, S. (2011), Engendering habits of mind and heart through integrative learning. About Campus, 16: 13–20.

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