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Webinar – Online + : A Standards-Based Approach to Hybrid Learning

November 6 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Belk Library 114 RSVP to

Rasmussen College uses a variety of instructional models to provide optimal learning environments for our diverse student population. Online+ is a model used to offer a blended learning experience for students taking some of our online courses. Online+ courses are those in which a live classroom experience is embedded within the structural of the course as a part of the instructional strategies utilized within that online course. Research tells that hybrid courses appeal to learners who want to capitalize on the benefits of real-time instruction, whether residential or virtual, but also need to process information on their own through online instructional elements and assessments. With the goal to provide a truly unique blended learning environment, there was a need to develop a framework for the selection of courses appropriate for Online+ delivery. The result was a standards-based approach called the Hybrid Framework.

In this webinar, participants will walk through the process for developing a decision-making framework as they utilize our framework for Online+ course development to select & think through how hybrid applies to courses at their own institution. In Rasmussen College the curriculum, instructional, and teaching standards are used as a way to solve teaching & learning problems on a broad level, but the framework creates a structure organized into logical questions that can be utilized to guide any type of process. Creativity emerges by providing the tools & support needed to make high quality decisions, while allowing key stakeholders to infuse their own expertise.

This webinar might be of interest to faculty and institutions that desire to create optimal hybrid learning environments, but a standards-based decision-making framework applies to any large initiative. The goal is to help others take the guesswork out of innovation, while creating a sustainable framework in which creativity can thrive.

Through this webinar, other institutions will be informed on how a structured framework can–

  • Provide a space for creativity, within a given set of parameters.
  • Lead to a culture of academic innovation.
  • Permit effective scale within a change management model.
  • Assist in the strategic planning and alignment of key initiatives.

Join us on November 6th at 2:00 p.m. in Belk Library 114 for this webinar. To ensure we have enough space, please RSVP by emailing  

If you have any questions, please contact TLT at 278-5006 or email