Study in Iceland Over Spring Break

Apply by January 12 to travel with your faculty to Iceland over spring break as part of a spring semester course.  

Philosophy 374 A: Philosophy Adventure in Iceland: The Crucible of Fire and Ice     4 S.H.

This upper-level philosophy course examines authenticity, cultural relativism and radical environmentalism to prepare students for a nine day excursion to Iceland during spring break.  Students will traverse glaciers and hike between the towering tectonic plates separating North America from Eurasia.  They will make friends and discover how to become less isolated, less biased, and more human in the crucible of fire and ice which is Iceland. Counts toward Expression (non-literature) requirement or Advanced Studies, and satisfies one unit of experiential learning toward fulfillment of the Experiential Learning Requirement.

No course pre-requisites.  Open to students in all class years. 

The international travel component over spring break is a requirement for all students enrolled in the spring course.  Only students enrolled in the spring semester course are eligible to participate in the international travel component.

To learn more or to apply,visit the program brochure page

Questions about the course? Contact Dr. Martin Fowler.