The Pendulum, Colonnades honored by state media association

The student media organizations were both recognized as NCCMA Best of Show winners.

The Pendulum and Colonnades were awarded individual and Best of Show awards March 1 by the North Carolina College Media Association at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Hundreds of entries from more than 20 media outlets submitted materials for awards consideration. Below is a list of only the Elon winners. (Numbers next to the names indicate the place students finished in a particular category.)

NEWSPAPER—SMALL SCHOOL (6,500 student enrollment and less)

Best of Show—Newspaper

The Pendulum

Best of Show—Website

The Pendulum


3. Jane Seidel and Caroline Olney—“Holi 2014” (pg. 22)

Single- or Two-Page Design

1. Kristen DeMaria—“2014 North Carolina Senate Candidates” (pg. 2)

Multimedia Package

1. Jonathan Black and Eric Halperin—“Refugees find new home, life in Greensboro”
HM: Kyra Gemberling—“Frozen in time: Historic Graham Cinema defies odds through loyal following, cheap prices”

News Writing

HM: Michael Bodley—“Students weary of physical plant backlog”
HM: Michael Papich—“Law changes affect youth voting”

Feature Writing

1. Abby Franklin—“Atheists nervous about coming out in southern states”
3. Leena Dahal—“Swan song: Lake Mary Nell’s lonely long-neck paddles on”

Sports Writing

HM: Kate Murphy—“Nathan Diehl finds new home with Phoenix soccer”

Opinions Writing

1. Staff— “Addition of LGBTQIA question is right decision”


Best of Show

1. Tommy McDermott—“Church Movers”
3. Elizabeth Purvis—“Eight Ball”

1. David Banks—“What We Inherit”
2. Lauren Copper—“The Rapture”
HM: Kelsey Camacho—“Arrowheads”

2. Casey Allen—“The Affairs of Men”
HM: Autumn Spriggs—“Honey”

The awards were handed out during NCCMA’s annual conference. The planned gathering at the University of North Carolina at Asheville Feb. 21 was canceled this year because of the weather, so a mini-conference was held at UNC instead.