University of South Carolina invites Hal Vincent to lecture

The School of Communications professor addressed long-standing traits and skills essential in the advertising industry. The visit was part of the University of South Carolina’s Advertising Speaker Series. 

The University of South Carolina’s College of Mass Communication and Information Studies invited Hal Vincent to speak March 3.[/caption]​Hal Vincent, a lecturer in Elon University’s School of Communications and the faculty director of Live Oak Communications, was invited to speak at the University of South Carolina’s College of Mass Communication and Information Studies Advertising Speaker Series March 3.

His presentation, titled “Timeless Traits of an Advertising Account Executive,” blended his years of professional experience with brands such as Tropicana, Nabisco, the Florida Aquarium, and the Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau with his research focus on strategic communications pedagogies for student professional success. 

Vincent offered timeless traits and skills that have proven essential since advertising’s rise and evolution through the 20th century, and he demonstrated how they apply today in light of ever-changing message delivery platforms.

“What is old is new again, only different,” Vincent said. “Media fragmentation, changing consumer demographics, cultural value shifts and buying behaviors, and new uses of technology will always be part of the business. But the sound fundamentals of client relationship management, message creation and delivery, and ‘entrepreneurial rebellion’ will always be the foundation for brands’ communications success.”

 Vincent emphasized a strong curriculum coupled with experiential immersion through internships and professional out-of-classroom partnerships, and finally “topped off with exposure to as many successful professionals as possible, offering unique insights to apply theory in practice.”

“This is the perfect cocktail for students’ post-graduation success,” he reasoned. “I still marvel at Elon’s dedication to support all those ingredients.”

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