Female volunteers sought for DPT study on impact of High Intensity Interval Training

Graduate students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program are examining the impact of HIIT on body weight an fitness in college-aged women.

High Intensity Interval Training is growing in popularity for many age groups and is believed to be more efficient and effective than regular aerobic exercise training at reducing body weight and improving cardiovascular fitness.

One of the shortcomings of previous research in this area is the lack of measurement of the total amount work done during exercise. As a result, it is unclear if the advantages seen during HIIT are due to the intensity of the exercise or the amount of work being done.

Elon’s Department of Physical Therapy Education recently acquired two Wattbikes specifically designed to deliver a HIIT program and record the amount of work being done. Currently, DPT students are looking for female college-aged volunteers who are interested in losing weight to test this hypothesis.

People interested in participating in this program should contact Dr. Stephen Bailey (baileys@elon.edu) for more information.